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This is a very historic Colonial home on Sockanosset Road, built in the 1700's, occupied for years as a farm house, purchased by the State and was, until about the year 1893, from then on used as the residence for the Chaplain of the State Institutions, whom it was thought, should be placed near the Reform School for Boys, where his appearance and teaching would have a salutary effect on the minds of the growing youths.
I understand that the Chaplain used to hold Sunday School classes for the boys at Sockanosset, and in those days all of the boys were transferred from the station just below the house, and the good parson had also to see them when they came and when they left
After the departure of the Reverend James H. Nutting, this house was occupied by Charles H. Ewer, who died in office at the State Institutions. I understand since that. time this house has been used for the farmer at the Sockanosset School, and I believe at the present time is being utilized as a place for the employees of the Boys' School.
Since this photograph has been taken, I have learned that this house was formerly known as the Howard Place.
Excerpt from: Scrapbook, c. 1930 of properties at Howard (Accession 1998-121)

It was the infusion of large amounts of federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) funds that dramatically altered the appearance of the Howard complex and permitted, if briefly, appropriate physical accommodation for patients, inmates, and attendants. Overcrowding has been a chronic problem at Howard and only the large-scale construction program of the WPA could solve it. Despite the building effort of the 1920s, in 1933 the State Hospital, with accommodations for 1,550, housed 2,235 and was labeled the most overcrowded mental hospital in the northeast.
Excerpt from: Historical Preservation Commission’s Statewide Historical Preservation Report P-C-1 on Cranston, 1980

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Accession 1998-121 - Scrapbook of [Photographs], c. 1930 of properties at Howard (Cranston)


Rhode Island State Archives


c. 1930


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