Gaspee Proclamation broadside, 1772

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  • Gaspee Proclamation broadside, 1772

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Gaspee Proclamation broadside, 1772


Image of the Proclamation broadside issued by Joseph Wanton the Governor, Captain General and Commander in Chief over the English colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations related to the burning of the British schooner Gaspee, an armed schooner sent to Rhode Island on March 1772 to enforce shipping laws. The schooner was attacked and burned in June 1772 by a contingent of Rhode Island townspeople and merchants.

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Wanton, Joseph, 1705-1780




Rhode Island State Archives


1772 June 12


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A Proclamation

Whereas on Tuesday, the ninth Instant in the Night, a Num-
ber of People, unknown, boarded His Majesty's armed Schooner
the Gaspee, as she lay aground on a Point of Land, called
Nanquit, a little to the southward of Pawtuxet, in the Colony
aforesaid, who dangerously wounded Lieutenant William Dud-
ingston the Commander, and by Force took him with all his
People, put them into Boats, and landed them near Paw-
tuxet; and afterwards set Fire to the said Schooner, whereby she was entirely destroyed:

I HAVE, therefore, thought fit, by and with the Advice of such of His Ma-
jesty's Council, as could be seasonably convened, to issue this Proclamation, strict-
ly charging and commanding all His Majesty's Officers within the said Colo-
ny, both Civil and Military, to exert themselves with the utmost Vigilance, to dis-
cover and apprehend the Persons guilty of the aforesaid atrocious Crime, that
they may be brought to condign Punishment. And I do hereby offer a Reward
of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, Sterling Money of Great-
Britain, to any Person or Persons who shall discover the Perpetrators of the
said Villainy, to be paid immediately upon the Conviction of any one or more
of them.

AND the several Sheriffs in the said Colony are hereby required, forthwith, to
cause this Proclamation to be posted up in the most public Places, in each of the
Towns in their respective Counties.

Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms, at Newport, this Twelfth Day of
June, in the Twelfth Year of the Reign of His Most Sacred Majesty, GEORGE
THE THIRD, by the Grace of God, King of Great-Britain, and so forth,
Annoq; Dom. One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Seventy-two.


By his Honor’s Command,
Henry Ward, Sec’ry.



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