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Providence Deed

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  • Providence Deed

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Providence Deed


Rhode Island (Colony). Laws, statutes, etc.


Image of the Providence Deed between Roger Williams, Stukely Westcot, William Arnold, Thomas James, Robert Coles, John Greene, John Throckmorton, William Harris, William Carpenter, Thomas Olny, Francis Weston, Richard Waterman, Ezechiell Holyman and the sachims Caunounicus and Miantunome.


Williams, Roger, 1604?-1683.




Rhode Island State Archives


1666 October 22





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Providence 8 of the 8th month 1638 (so called)

In memorandum I Roger Wiliams
having formerly purchased of Caunounicus
& Miantunome this our situation or
plantation of New Providence viz the
two fresh Rivers Wanaquatuckit &
Mooshausick & the ground & Meadowes
thereupon for consideration of thirty
pounds received from the Inhabitants
of the said place doe freely & fully passe
grant & make over equall Right & power
of enjoying & disposing the sae Grounds
& Lands unto my friends & Neighbors
Stukely Westcot: William Arnold. Thomas James
Robert Coles. John Greene: John Throckmorton
William Harris: William Carpenter: Thomas Olny: Francis
Weston: Richard Waterman: Ezechiell Holyman
& such other as the major part of us shall admit
into the same fellowship -- vote with us
As allso I doe freely make & passe over equall right &
power of enjoying & disposing of the Lands & grounds
reaching from the aforesaid Rivers unto the great
River Pawtucket with the Grasse & Meadows
thereupon wich was so lately give & granted by
the afiresaid Sachims to me. Witnes my hand

Providence 22.10 1666 (so called) Roger Williams
This papere & writing is a true
Copie of a writing given by
me about twentie eight yeares since
& differs not a little only -- dated
as neer as we could guesse about the
time & the names of men (written in a
straight of time & hast) are here explained by me
In the presence of us Roger Williams

John ?Per___
John Sayles ___ ___

This writing was wrote in Providence
Recordes December the 25: 1666 per me
Thomas Olney ?junior Towne Clerke
Enrolled in the 48 page of the Booke with Brase Claspes


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