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Image of the Second Red Bridge in Providence, Rhode Island which was replaced in 1895 by the third Red Bridge.

The Henderson Bridge (known by some locals as the New Red Bridge) is a bridge in Rhode Island which spans the Seekonk River, connecting the cities of Providence and East Providence.

The bridge was opened in 1969 to replace the old Red Bridge and was also part of a planned US 44 freeway that would have extended from the Gano Street interchange with Interstate 195 (whose ramps were built specifically for the US 44 freeway), along the west shore of the river, over the bridge, then along a never-built section of freeway in East Providence, returning to US 44 just east of Route 114 and US 1A. Since the freeway was never completed, the section that was built was not given a route number. Curiously, the freeway's right-of-way in East Providence is completely cleared to its planned end at US 44. The bridge was named after its designer, George Henderson, of Rumford, R.I..

This is the sixth bridge to have been built over this part of the Seekonk River. The first was a wooden bridge built by Moses Brown in 1793 called the Central Bridge. The same year, Brown's brother John built the first Washington Bridge at a point further south. The second and third bridges were built as replacements for their predecessors, which were destroyed in 1807 and 1815, respectively. A swing bridge was built in 1872, which was replaced by a sturdier bridge of the same type in 1895.
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