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Image of the home of Samuel Ward King located in Johnston, Rhode Island.

Samuel Ward King (May 23, 1786 – January 20, 1851) was the 15th Governor of Rhode Island from 1839 to 1843. King was born in Johnston, Providence County, Rhode Island to William Borden King and Welthian Walton. He attended Brown University. He became a medical doctor and worked as a surgeon during the War of 1812. In 1820 King was elected Town Clerk of Johnston. He was a Presidential Elector for Rhode Island in the election of 1832. In 1838 he was elected to the Rhode Island Senate. He first became governor in 1839 when the legislature failed to grant a majority of votes to the three leading contenders. He was elected to three other terms. During his administration as governor of Rhode Island he took a strong stand against the expanded voting franchise that led to the Dorr Rebellion in 1841 - 1842. President John Tyler refused to send in Federal troops at Governor King's request to suppress the uprising. King married Catherine Latham Angell, with whom he had fourteen children.
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