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Image of a hand-tinted lantern slide of the road north of Lincoln Woods at the Butterfly Factory.

Image of a hand-tinted lantern slide of Lincoln Park in Lincoln, Rhode Island

Image of the Saylesville Mill in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

Image of the Manville Mill in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

To His Excellency,
The Governor of the State of Rhode Island,

Washington, March 16, 1861.


I transmit an authenticated copy of a Joint Resolution
to amend the Constitution of the United States, adopted…

State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

The undersigned having been appointed
by the freemen of said State, in the manner directed by the
Legislature thereof Electors of President and Vice President of the
United States, a certificate…

Image of the proclamation of Rhode Island Governor James Y. Smith designating Thursday, June 1, 1865 as a day of humiliation and mourning for national bereavement for the death of President Abraham Lincoln.

Dated Washington July 3d 1862
Rec’d, Providence July 3 1862, 12 o’clock, 25 min.
To Wm. Sprague

{Private & Confidential}

My dear Sir.
I should
not want the half of three
hundred thousand new troops
if I could have them now.
If I…

Eleazer Arnold House, built c. 1687, in Lincoln, RI