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Image from Governor John H. Chafee's inauguration following his re-election as Governor in 1965.

Image of Governor J. Joseph Garrahy and Mrs. Garrahy meeting with Senator Mondale and Joan Mondale.

Image of Governor J. Joseph Garrahy meeting with Rhode Island radio personality Salty Brine in September 1977.

Image of Governor J. Joseph Garrahy with Senator Pastore and Senator Mondale.

Image of Governor J. Joseph Garrahy with Jesse Jackson and General Assembly members, circa 1982

Image of Governor J. Joseph Garrahy with Senator Pell, June 15, 1979 (Wind Power)

Image of a press conference announcing the National Endowment for the Arts on-going Ensemble Grant to Trinity Repertory Company. From left to right:
The Honorable Joseph Paolino, Mayor of the City of Providence
The Honorable Claiborne Pell,…

Image of Governor J. Joseph Garrahy giving a speech aboard a boat.

Image of Governor J. Joseph Garrahy's visit to the Soviet Union, 1979

Image of Governor J. Joseph Garrahy receiving a Doctorate of Law degree from Rhode Island College, June 1978

Image of President Ronald Reagan shaking hands with Governor J. Joseph Garrahy, 1984.

Image of J. Joseph Garrahy at an Oil truck press conference.

Image of Garrahy golfing on August 24 (no year) at the Metacomet RIADA outing.

Photograph of Governor and Mrs. Garrahy with Senator and Mrs. Pell

Photograph of a meeting between Pope John Paul II and Mr. and Mrs. Garrahy, 1979

A photograph of Governor Garrahy and his family meeting President Jimmy Carter outside of Air Force One, 1979.

August 4, 1981

To Governor Joe Garrahy

Thank you for your kind invitation to visit
you and Margherite in Rhode Island.

While we appreciate this offer of hospitality
very much, Rosalynn and I will be out of the
country and will not be able…

October 29, 1979

To Governor Joe Garrahy

I enjoyed the warm hospitality extended
to me today. It was good to see you
and Margherite.

I appreciated this opportunity to
visit with the citizens in Providence, and
to be with you for the…

Image of Governor Garrahy meeting with President Jimmy Carter, 1978

October 25, 1978

Dear Governor Garrahy:
Enclosed is a photo of your recent meeting
at the White House which I thought you
might enjoy.

Warm regards.

Jack H. Watson Jr.

The Honorable J. Joseph Garrahy
Governor of…