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Includes eight images of the pages of the proposed Constitution of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations as adopted by the People's Convention assembled in Providence on November 18, 1841 known as the "People's Constitution."See…

Mayor of Providence at the time of the Dorr rebellion 1842 –

My dear Sir,
I have just learned that Dorr has
determined an attack on the Arsenal tonight and
also other outrages – This has been determined against
the Counsel of every…

Executive Department
Prov. June 28th 1842
You will destroy in any way you
may think proper all the bridges
over the Blackstone river if necessary
in your opinion for the safety of the
Sam[uel] W King

Various images of the Sullivan Dorr House located on the corner of Bowen Street and Benefit Street in Providence, Rhode Island. Sullivan Dorr (1778-1858) was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Ebenezer (1739-1809) and Abigail (Cummingham) Dorr…

Images of Dorr Headquarters located on Atwells Avenue in Providence, Rhode Island. Nearly seventy years after the Declaration of Independence, Rhode Island was still governed by the English Royal Charter. Suffrage rights guaranteed under the…

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