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Various images of the damage in Bristol, Rhode Island from the hurricane in 1938

An image of a Christmas Remembrances card from Upper Longfield in Bristol, Rhode Island


An image of Hope Street in Bristol, Rhode Island


Middletown House "Hey Bonnie Hall," Bristol; built 1805 by Hon. William DeWolf as a residence for his great granddaughter Alicia Hopton Middleton (standing in doorway).


An image of the bull statutes at the entrance to Colt State Park in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Various images of the construction and opening of the Mount Hope Bridge that connects Bristol and Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Construction on the Mount Hope Bridge began on December 1, 1927 and the bridge opened to traffic on October 24, 1929. Also…

William Bradford House with front lawn vegetable garden in Bristol, RI

Hope Street in Bristol, RI