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Correspondence to Governor Sprague offering services in the proposed 6th Regiment of Infantry to be comprised of soldiers of African-American descent, 1862.

Correspondence of John H. Williams to Gov. Sprague recommending Rev. John Mars, a man of color for position in the 6th Regiment, 1862.

Brooklyn, New York, August 23, 1862. C. F. Daniel to Governor William Sprague inquiring as to the qualification for obtaining a Commission in the Black Regiment.

Lemuel Freeman to Gov. Sprague a man of color seeking to enlist in proposed regiment and inquiring as to the amount of bounty and aid.

William B. Ellis, M.D. to Gov. Sprague a man of color, submitting application for position as Surgeon in proposed colored regiment.

Buffalo, New York, August 6, 1862 John Norris to Governor William Sprague Offering to raise colored company from Buffalo.

Fortress Monroe to Gov. Sprague inquiring if Rhode Island will accept companies from New York offering service as Chaplain.

New Bedford, Massachusetts, August 10, 1862

William H. Johnson to Governor William Sprague

Former slave from Richmond – offering to enlist in Sixth Rhode Island Regiment & “assist General McClellan in taking my old home."

Returns of Alterations and Casualties of the Eleventh Regiment United States Colored Artillery (Heavy) for the Year Ending December 31, 1864.

A total of 334 members of the 14th Regiment died with most succumbing to disease while serving in the Department of the Gulf.

Volunteer Enlistment Papers for the Fourteenth Rhode Island Regiment Heavy Artillery, 1865.

General Order #24, establishing camp for recruits at the Dexter Training Grounds in Providence, July 28, 1863.

Walter J. F. Taylor to A.G. Mauran inquiring if proposed regiment is to be officered by colored men.

Albany, New York, August 7, 1862 William H. Johnson to Adjutant General Edward C. Mauran - A man of color “seeking privilege to fight for country."

Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, August 11, 1862 Charles Harris to Adjutant General Edward C. Mauran Offering to enlist – will pay own expenses.

Notice "Prepare for the Draft," August 29, 1862


General Order Number 5, February 17, 1863 countermanded that the 6th Regiment is no longer a colored regiment and designates the 14th Heavy Artillery as such.

Petitions to the General Assembly – Claims for Unpaid Bounty Payments January Session 1866 by soldiers belonging to Fourteenth Regiment Rhode Island Heavy Artillery (later Eleventh Regiment United States Colored Heavy Artillery).

Bounty Payment Receipts, December 14, 1863. Daniel Warmsley of Charlestown [died of disease Oct. 9, 1864] Jeremiah Noca of Kingston, RI [died of disease April 4, 1864] John B. Lane of Providence

Advanced $25.00 Bounty Receipts, Batteries A and B Recruits, August 1863.

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