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Woman Suffrage

He Wanted the Apple.

Editor Telegram:
Isn't there a good deal of nonsense in the
talk about suffrage being such a "burden" that
we ought not to impose it on women? Men
do not regard it so in their own case, I notice. …

Woman Suffrage

Henry George on Woman Suffrage.

Henry George, in a recent number of his
paper, the Standard, says in reply to an ob-

The natural right of a woman to vote is just
as clear as that of a man, and rests on the…

Ceremonies and parade of ranks related to the transfer of State Battle Flags from the old State House on Benefit Street to the new State Capitol on Smith Hill, Saturday October 17, 1903. It was at the Butler Exchange (built 1873, demolished 1925)…

First used in the election of 1900, mechanical defects made voting returns inaccurate, and their use was subsequently banned in March of 1901. There was a repeal of this ban in November of 1901 which was made mandatory in April of 1905. Use was…

To His Excellency,
The Governor of the State of Rhode Island,

Washington, March 16, 1861.


I transmit an authenticated copy of a Joint Resolution
to amend the Constitution of the United States, adopted…

State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

The undersigned having been appointed
by the freemen of said State, in the manner directed by the
Legislature thereof Electors of President and Vice President of the
United States, a certificate…

To the General Assembly of the State of
Rhode Island & etc.

Supported by the patriotic exertions and pleasing approbation of my fellow Citizens, for a long series of years, in important, critical, and highly interesting situations, I…

A Proclamation

Whereas on Tuesday, the ninth Instant in the Night, a Num-
ber of People, unknown, boarded His Majesty's armed Schooner
the Gaspee, as she lay aground on a Point of Land, called
Nanquit, a little to the southward of Pawtuxet,…

Image of the proclamation of Rhode Island Governor James Y. Smith designating Thursday, June 1, 1865 as a day of humiliation and mourning for national bereavement for the death of President Abraham Lincoln.See also:Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial…

We the Subscribers do solemnly and sincerely declare that
we believe the War, Resistance and Opposition in which the United
American Colonies are now engaged against the Fleets and Armies of
Great Britain is, on the Part of the said Colonies,…

Department of State
15 May 1804


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of
the ratification, by the Legislature of Rhode Island, of the Amend-
ment to the Constitution of the United States, relative to the
election of President…

Washington, Dec. 13, 1803


At the request of the Senate and H. of Rep. of
the United States, I transmit to you a copy of an article of amend
ment proposed by Congress to be added to the constitution
of the United States respecting the…

To the Legislature of the State of Rhode Island, and
Providence Plantations


While I acknowledge, with grateful sincerity, my
personal obligations to the Legislature of the State of Rhode
Island and Providence Plantations, for…

Washington May 26, 1801
I return my grateful thanks to the General assembly of the state of Rhode Island & Providence plantations for the congratulations which on behalf of themselves & their constituents, they have been pleased to…

Image of the Aquidneck Deed between Roger Williams and Caunounicus and Miantunome. It is impossible to fix the exact date of the arrival of Roger C Williams, but that it was in the latter part of the spring or the beginning of the summer of 1636,…

Providence 8 of the 8th month 1638 (so called)

In memorandum I Roger Wiliams
having formerly purchased of Caunounicus
& Miantunome this our situation or
plantation of New Providence viz the
two fresh Rivers Wanaquatuckit &
Mooshausick &…

Congress of the United States begun and held at the City of New York, on Wednesday the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine.
The Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time…

Mayor of Providence at the time of the Dorr rebellion 1842 –

My dear Sir,
I have just learned that Dorr has
determined an attack on the Arsenal tonight and
also other outrages – This has been determined against
the Counsel of every…

Executive Department
Prov. June 28th 1842
You will destroy in any way you
may think proper all the bridges
over the Blackstone river if necessary
in your opinion for the safety of the
Sam[uel] W King

Roxbury August 19th 1782


I had the Honor to Receive your Excellency’s favr. Requesting me to Transmit to you the Act of our Assembly laying a Duty of Impost agreeable to the Requisitions of Congress. It will at all times give me…

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