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A PROCLAMATION: For the discovering and apprehending the persons who plundered and burnt the Gaspee schooner, and barbarously wounded and ill-treated Lieutenant William Dudingston

Question—Have you any knowledge of the persons that boarded the schooner? Answer—No."

"Question—Did you, or do you know, or do you remember ever to have seen before any of those persons that boarded the schooner at that time? Answer—No."

"...declareth and saith, that Aaron, mulatto lad of about 16 years of age, now on board his Majesty's ship the Swan,... is an indented servant to Samuel Tompkins, of Prudence aforesaid, son-in-law to the said Samuel Thurston, ... "

"That to their certain knowledge, Aaron, a mulatto lad, who is also an indented servant to the said Samuel Tompkins, and now...on board of a man-of-war, has not been off from said island for many months preceding the 2d day of July..."

"... saith, that Aaron,... is an indented servant to the deponent; that he is fully persuaded the said Aaron hath not been off from the said island more than once or twice for twelve months preceding the 2d day of July..."

"...In about half an hour after, we joined seventeen boats from Providence, commanded, ... by John Brown. ...I saw Brown fire a musket when in the boat ...; the captain of the schooner immediately fell from the place he was standing on;..."

"...this deponent, ... were then come to demand that Aaron, ...who was charged with being concerned in the attacking and burning the schooner Gaspee, ... might be delivered to the deputy sheriff in pursuance of a warrant for that purpose; ..."

"...The next morning one of' his neighbors came and told him the Gaspee was burnt and the captain wounded, and that an express had arrived in town for a surgeon to dress the wounds of the officer, ..."

"...Q.—What reason had you to suppose you was unsafe? A.—On Monday night, the fifth inst., I went into the public house ...there were about twenty armed men in the road,...who, he said, were come to take him alive or dead,..."

"...he heard a person reading the King's proclamation for discovering the persons who burnt the Gaspee schooner, upon which Gulley said it was a fine reward, and he intended to have it;..."

"...when they got on board there were about four of the schooner's men on deck, and the rest were coming up out of the hold, and somebody said knock 'em down and kill them, no matter what you do with them; that this deponent did not know the Browns,…


"...I was on board of ...the sloop Fortune...having a quantity of rum on board, belonging to Nathaniel Greene & officer of the ...Gaspee,...came on board and asked this deponent if he would take any freight on board;..."

"Q.—Did you ever hear the names of any persons suspected to be concerned in that matter? A.—I heard the names of one Potter and Brown, or Browns, but did not know them, nor where they lived. I don't recollect any other. "

"...This deponent further saith, that Lieutenant Dudingston was placed in the stern of the same boat in which he, the deponent, came on shore, and that he, in their passage to the shore, contrived to unloose his arms..."

"...I saw a mulatto fellow under the forecastle in irons. I said unto him, "so you are one of the rogues that have been burning the Gaspee;" he replied, "he never saw her, nor knew anything about her;''

"...immediately after, he saw a man in the bow of one of the boats fires a musket and wound the Lieutenant, upon which the Lieutenant cried out 'Lord have mercy upon me, I am done for'..."

"...the boats were hailed again, and the answer returned by some of the people in said boats was 'Damn your blood, we have you now.' The Captain [Lt. Duddingston] ordered all hands on deck..."

"...The captain of the gang ordered Lieutenant Duddingston on his knees and to beg his life; he said he would not, he was wounded; whereupon the said captain answered, 'Damn your blood, you are shot by your own people;' "

"...I cannot recollect, that the Gaspee was then run on shore; neither do remember any person giving me that information; I never heard any intimation of an intention to burn the Gaspee, nor do I know any person...concerned in that transaction..."

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