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A Lively Experiment: Rhode Island's Colonial Charter, 1661-1843


Commemorating the 350th anniversary of Rhode Island’s Royal Charter of 1663, this exhibit features an array of original documents including the 1721…

A Slice of Life (Past) - Woonsocket and the Blackstone Valley


Providing an historic view of Woonsocket and the Blackstone River Valley, the “Slice of Life (Past)” exhibit features a multitude of images and…

Fun in Little Rhody


The new exhibit at State Archives titled, Fun in Little Rhody, is a retrospective of recreational activities of residents and tourists from images…

Our World Fifty Years Ago - 1964


The newest exhibit at State Archives titled, Our World Fifty Years Ago - 1964, provides a snapshot of life in Rhode Island a half century ago. …

The Civil War Brought Home: Rhode Island During the Rebellion


150 years ago this April, the Confederate army surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant in Virginia signaling the end of the Civil War and the start of a new…

Historic Odds, Ends, and Other Curiosities


A new exhibit at the Rhode Island State Archives offers the public a unique opportunity to view remarkable and curious items spanning hundreds of…