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Details for Regulation Rules and Regulations for Licensing of Nursing Facilities [R23-17-NF](7613)


Health, Department of

Cannon Building

Regulation Authority

RIGL Chapter 23-17

Purpose and Reason

Several technical corrctions are needed to the July 2013 edition of these regulations. Due to a compiler's error when the final regulations were prepared for filing, sections 1.40 & 1.41 both defined the term "Resident-directed", but with different text. Section 1.41 has been corrected to define "Resident-directed home", which had been implied by the definition text and use of the term "Resident-directed home" throughout the regulations. Corrections have also been made to sections 1.41, 1.45, 2.1, 5.6.1, 5.15.4 & 5.15.5 where the term "nursing" currently appears but "nursing facility" or "nursing facilities" is clearly indicated by context.

Type of Filing



Effective from 08/01/2013

Currently in effect

Supersedes 7291

Notice and Hearing Dates

Notice Date: Notice Not Required

Hearing Date: Hearing Not Required


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