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Details for Regulation Rules and Regulations for Licensing of Nursing Facilities [R23-17-NF](7291)


Health, Department of

Cannon Building

Regulation Authority

RIGL Chapter 23-17

Purpose and Reason

The purpose of the proposed changes is to update minimum requirements for the licensure of nursing homes in Rhode Island to include provisions for resident-directed homes. Based on industry feedback during the comment period, it was decided to retain the designation "Nursing Facility” rather than move forward with proposed change to “Nursing Home". Comments were received regarding sections 16.1, 19.25, 27.6(b)&(c) and 60.9 which required minor edits to clarify intent. In addition, several spelling errors were corrected and Reference 15 was updated to most current edition.

Type of Filing



Effective from 08/01/2013 to 08/01/2013

was Superseded by 7613 on 08/01/2013

Supersedes 7024

Notice and Hearing Dates

Notice Date: 04/16/2013

Hearing Date: 05/20/2013


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