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Details for Regulation Regulations Governing the Certification of Educators in Rhode Island(6577)


Education, Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary

255 Westminster Street

Regulation Authority

R.I.G.L. 16-11-1 and 16-60-4

Purpose and Reason

Pursuant to the provisions of Chapters 16-60-4 and 11 of the General Laws of Rhode Island, and in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act Chapter 42-35 of the General Laws, the RI Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education are amending the current regulations governing the certification of educators in RI. The purpose of these regulations is to update the requirements and procedures that govern educator certification in RI and to consolidate all Board of Regents Regulations related to Educator Certification. These regulations detail a comprehensive redesign of the certification system that will go into effect as the Department of Education creates supports necessary to implement the revisions. In the development of the proposed regulations, consideration was given to: (1) alternative approaches; (2) overlap and duplication with other statutory and regulatory provisions; and (3) significant economic impact on small business. No alternative approach, duplication, or overlap was identified based upoin available information.

Type of Filing

Amendment Adoption


Effective from 01/01/2012 to 04/08/2013

was Superseded by 7141 on 04/08/2013

Expires 3282;3294;3309;

Notice and Hearing Dates

Notice Date: 09/09/2011

Hearing Date: 09/13/2011


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