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Details for Regulation Rules and Regulations Relating to Practice and Procedure for the Division of Motor Vehicles(5297)


Motor Vehicles, Division of

100 Main Street

Regulation Authority

RIGL Chapters 31-2 and 42-35

Purpose and Reason

These Rules and Regulations are promulgated under the authority of Chapters 31-2 and 42-35 of the General Laws of Rhode Island, as amended, and are established for the purpose of describing the practices and procedures of the Division of Motor Vehicles, a division of the Rhode Island Department of Revenue. First, all references to the Department of Administration have been changed to reflect the placement of the Division of Motor Vehicles within the newly-created Department of Revenue. Likewise, references to the Division of Taxation found in sections of the rules addressing child support have been changed to Department of Human Services. Substantively, changes have been made to the social security card requirement. Specifically, regulations were changed so that those individuals renewing licenses will only be required to provide a documentary proof of social security number if the social security number is not already on file with the Division of Motor Vehicles. The requirement that new applicants provide documentary proof of their social security number has been relaxed to allow for additional types of documents as proof of social security number.

Type of Filing



Effective from 10/09/2008 to 04/16/2012

was Superseded by 6744 on 04/16/2012

Supersedes 4142

Notice and Hearing Dates

Notice Date: 06/18/2008

Hearing Date: 07/21/2008


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