1. The Historical Records Advisory Board (hereafter "BOARD") shall serve as the central advisory board for historical records planning and for projects developed and carried out under Rhode Island's state program as set forth in Executive Order #31 issued on January 5, 1976 by Governor Philip W. Noel.

  2. All appointments to the Board are issued by the Governor, as outlined in Executive Order #31 issued on January 5, 1976.

  3. The State Archivist (appointed to that position by the Secretary of State) shall serve as Coordinator of the Board.

  4. The Coordinator may appoint a Deputy Coordinator, who shall administer the work of the Board in the event of the absence and/or vacancy of the Coordinator.

  5. Meetings will be called at the authority of the Coordinator. Written notice of any meeting will be sent to all Board members with a minimum of two (2) weeks before any meeting.

  6. All Board meetings will be open to the public and in compliance with the State laws concerning open meetings. The Board may go in to executive session at the call of any Board member, provided a majority of Board members support the call. Executive session shall be open only to Board members and the Coordinator.

  7. A quorum shall consist of the attendance of five (5) Board members.

  8. Attendance at meetings is required of all Board members. Any member absent for three (3) consecutive meetings will be removed from the Board and a nominee for replacement will be offered to the Governor from the Board. Individual exceptions to this by law may be authorized by a majority vote of the Board.

  9. In the event of a resignation of any member from the Board, a copy of the resignation letter will be sent to the Governor along with the name of a suggested nominee for replacement.

  10. The Board will review all grants submitted to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (hereafter NHPRC) from Rhode Island. Board members are required to submit an individual review of each proposal; failure to submit such reviews for two (2) consecutive grant cycles will result in removal from the Board. A summary of the Board's recommendation will be compiled by the Coordinator and sent to NHPRC. This summary recommendation will be available on request from any member of the public; individual Board members's reviews will not be a matter of public record. Individual exceptions to this by law may be authorized by a majority vote of the Board.

  11. These by laws, upon adoption, shall supersede any previous by laws adopted by this Board. Amendments to these by laws shall be presented with the written advance notice of any meeting date and may be adopted by a majority vote of this Board.

Adopted February 12, 1991