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LobbyTracker - Stopping Lobbying

There are a number of reasons that a lobbyist would stop lobbying. Perhaps the lobbyist has secured a new job, or a contract has expired, or the legislative session is in recess for the year. Whatever the reason, lobbying reports do not end when you stop lobbying.

If you have stopped lobbying as a standard lobbyist, you are required file the following reports:

  • All monthly reports for any month in which you were engaged as a lobbyist. For example, if you were a lobbyist and you lobbied during January, February, and March, you would owe a January/February report and a March report. However, if you lobbied on April 1st, you would also owe an April report.
  • Final report. This report is a summary of all of your monthly reports. It is due within 30 of completion of lobbying.
  • Annual Report. If you were registered as a standard lobbyist, even for just one day during a calendar year, you are required to file an Annual Report that covers the entire calendar year. The Annual Report is due January 15 of the following year.

If you are ending your lobbying employment with one entity, but still have other entities that you are lobbying for, there will be no change in your reporting. Contact the Public Information Division for information.

If your entity is continuing to lobby with another lobbyist, the entity will continue to file as normal. If the entity is ending all lobbying activities as well, the same reports as above are required.

Remember - even if the legislature is in recess for the remainder of the calendar year, attempting to influence legislation or action on legislation is lobbying and such activity requires reporting.

If you are stopping lobbying as an Executive Lobbyist, you will need to file the next semi-annual report when it is due. You will also need to contact the Public Information Division to trigger the LobbyTracker system to recognize the cessation of lobbying.