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Monthly Reports

Monthly Reports are defined by R.I.G.L. 22-10-9 (a)

  1. Every person that engages any person to act as a lobbyist concerning legislative matters, and the lobbyist, shall individually file with the secretary of state a complete and itemized report of all expenditures made for the purpose of lobbying, including, but not limited to, advertising expenses and all compensation paid to the lobbyists for lobbying. The report shall also include any expenditure, gift, or honorarium of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or more for each occurrence concerning any legislative or executive official paid or incurred by the person who engages the lobbyist and the lobbyist. The report shall include the names of the individuals receiving or in whose behalf the expenditures have been made, and the reason, date, and place of the expenditures.
  2. Any function to which the entire membership of the general assembly, or of either chamber or of any legally constituted legislative committee or commission within the general assembly, is invited, which is sponsored by any person, corporation, or association having engaged any person to act as a lobbyist, or by any lobbyist, shall be deemed a lobbying activity, and any funds expended or incurred for that function shall be set forth in the financial report.
  3. The initial report shall be filed by the person, corporation, or association having engaged any person to act as a lobbyist and by the lobbyist at the time of their initial registration, and updated reports shall be filed with the secretary of state by the fifteenth (15th) day of each month thereafter, beginning in March until the final adjournment of the general assembly. A final report shall be filed no later than thirty (30) days after the final adjournment; provided, however, in the year 2005, the first updated report filed under this subsection shall be filed by June 15th.
  4. All reports shall be on a form prescribed by the secretary of state, and the reports shall be open for public inspection.
  5. In the event no compensation has been paid or received, and no expenses have been paid or incurred, an annual statement to that effect may be filed with the secretary of state in lieu of the report form.

The first monthly report of the year is due on March 15th and covers the months of January and February. Reports are due monthly thereafter.