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Public Information Resources

Lobby Tracker: Filing Reports

If you need to file expenses in your report, click here for instructions.

If you need to file legislation or topics of interest, click here for instructions.

If you have entered all expenses and legislation that you wish to report, or you have nothing to report, click on the reports tab at the top of the screen.

You will see a list of reports that you can file.

lobby tracker screen

Click on the report that you would like to file. You will see the information that the LobbyTracker system thinks you would like to file on this report.

lobby tracker screen

Examine this information to be sure that everything that you wish to file is listed. If there is something missing, you should click on the Expense or Legislation tab at the top of the screen to enter that information. For instructions on entering information, click here.

If there is information listed that you do not want to be filed on this report, you can un-check the check box to the right of that item.

When you are ready to proceed, click the preview report button.

If you have no expenses to report, you will see the following screen.

lobby tracker screen

If you have no expenses, you will need to check the box certifying that you have no expenses to report. Then, click the preview report button.

If you have expenses, or you have certified that you have no expenses, you will see the report preview screen.

lobby tracker screen

This is your last chance to check for any mistakes in the report that you are about to file. If you find any mistakes, click the cancel button and start from the beginning.

If the report is satisfactory and you wish to file it, click the submit report button once.

You will see this screen.

lobby tracker screen

The orange box stating that your report has been filed must be seen to ensure that your report has reached the Office of the Secretary of State. If you do not see the orange box, your report has not been filed.

Please note that the list of reports now shows the option to file an amendment to the report that you just filed, an option to view the report you just filed, and the option to view a printable version of the report you just filed.

Amending Reports

The process to amend reports is exactly the same as filing reports. You will enter or edit expense information (click here for expense instructions), enter legislation information (click here for legislation instructions), and file the amendment by clicking on the reports tab, selecting the report you wish to file and amendment for and following the above instructions