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2013 April Legislative Report (Due May 15, 2013) for
Human Rights Campaign

April 1, 2013 through April 30, 2013

Initial Report filed 05/15/2013

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Initial Report filed May 15, 2013 05:14:17 pm
Expense Data
04/30/2013Sarah Warbelow0.00
N/AN/ASarah Warbelow
04/30/2013Lynne Bowman0.00
N/AN/ALynne Bowman
04/30/2013Amelia Nugent3000.00
Washington DCLobbying CompensationAmelia Nugent
04/30/2013David Turley2663.05
ProvidenceTravel ExpenseDavid Turley
04/30/2013David Turley9196.00
Washington DCLobbying CompensationDavid Turley
04/30/2013Marty Rouse874.94
Washington DCLobbying CompensationMarty Rouse
04/24/2013Marty Rouse612.70
ProvidenceTravel ExpenseMarty Rouse

Legislative Data

  Bill # S0038Promote
David Turley 

  Bill # S0038Promote
Sarah Warbelow 

  Bill # S0038Promote
Amelia Nugent 

  Bill # S0038Promote
Lynne Bowman 

  Bill # S0038Promote
Marty Rouse