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2012 November Legislative Report (Due December 15, 2012) for
Martiesian & Associates

November 1, 2012 through November 30, 2012

Initial Report filed 12/04/2012

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Initial Report filed December 4, 2012 03:02:39 pm
Expense Data
11/28/2012Martieisan & Associates780.00
compensationLenette Boisselle for RI Mortgage Bankers Association
11/28/2012Martiesian & Associates780.00
compensationTerrance Martiesian for RI Mortgage Bankers Association
11/26/2012Martieisan & Associates1500.00
compensationLenette Boisselle for T-Mobile USA, Inc.
11/26/2012Martieisan & Associates1500.00
compensationTerrance Martiesian for T-Mobile USA, Inc.
11/16/2012Martiesian & Associcates2124.50
compensationTerrance Martiesian for Americas Health Insurance Plans
11/13/2012Martiesian & Associates640.00
compensationLenette Boisselle for RI Hospitality Associaiton
11/13/2012Martiesian & Associates640.00
compensationTerrance Martiesian for RI Hospitality Associaiton
11/05/2012Martiesian & Associates4000.00
compensationTerrance Martiesian for Theatre Owners of New England

Legislative Data
No legislative data has been reported for this report