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2012 September Legislative Report (Due October 15, 2012) for
Community Provider Network of RI

September 1, 2012 through September 30, 2012

Initial Report filed 01/09/2013

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Initial Report filed January 9, 2013 01:40:40 pm
Expense Data
09/30/2012Christopher Boylena1166.66
nalobbyingChristopher Boyle
09/30/2012R. Horanna1166.66
nalobbyingR. Horan

Legislative Data
  Bill # 7028Promote
Donna Martin 

  Bill # 7034Promote
Donna Martin 

  Bill # 7035Promote
Donna Martin 

  Bill # 7032Promote
Donna Martin 

Donna Martin 

Donna Martin 

  Bill # H7628Promote
Donna Martin 

  Bill # H7489Promote
Donna Martin 

  Bill # H7907Oppose
Donna Martin 

  Bill # S2467Promote
Donna Martin 

  Bill # S2037Promote
Donna Martin 

  Bill # S2041Promote
Donna Martin