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Probate Forms

Below are the links to the Probate Forms. The Secretary of State’s office does not have authority over the content or use of these forms, they are being presented as required by RIGL 33-22-16. We do not provide information on completion of forms, court filings, or any other legal matter regarding these forms.

See a listing of the Probate Contacts for the various city and towns in the State. Please note that there are several forms that are not available on-line. If you need any of these forms, contact the appropriate Probate Court..

You will need Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or above to read these PDF files.

Administration and Wills

Guardianship, Conservator, Custodian, and Receiver


Sale of Personal and Real Estate



Closing of an Estate

Name Change and Adoption


Court-Only Probate Forms (Contact the Court to obtain a copy.)

  • PC-2.6 Appointment of Guardian ad Litem or Next Friend
  • PC-2-12 Citation in Conservatorship
  • PC-3.2 Certificate of Appointment
  • PC-3.3 CERTIFIED COPY – Certificate of Appointment
  • PC 3.3 Universal Inventory
  • PC-3.6 Statement of Qualification
  • PC-3.7 State tax Certificate
  • PC-5.3 (11/02, formerly SW-66) Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • PC-5.4 Court Appearance
  • PC-6.3 Commission to Take Deposition of Witness to Will
  • PC-6.4 Report of Commissioner – Solvent Estate
  • PC-6.5 Report of Commissioner – Insolvent Estate
  • PC-9.6 Certificate
  • PC-9.7 Certificate of Authentication
  • PC 10.7 Certification of Copies -- Clerk Only
  • PC 10.9 Dedimus Potestatem
  • VS155A Change of Name
  • PC-(formerly-SW50) Misc. Memorandum of Fees
  • PC-(formerly-SW18) Misc. General Certification
  • PC-(formerly-SW32)Misc. Dedimus Potestatem
  • PC-(formerly-SW75) Misc. Certification of Copies – Clerk Onl