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Voting by Mail Ballot

Am I eligible to vote by mail ballot?

To request a mail ballot, you must be unable to vote in person for one of these reasons:

1. You are physically unable to vote in a polling place because of illness or physical or mental disability.

2. You are confined to a nursing home, convalescent home or hospital within the State of Rhode Island.

3. You are a Military or Overseas voter away due to employment or service connected with military operations or because you are a spouse or legal dependent who lives with that person or you are a U.S. citizen who will be outside the United States.

In addition, there is a new, fourth category. Thanks to a recent change in state law, you can request a mail ballot if you think you may not be able to vote at your assigned polling place on the day of election. Many people refer to this as a “no-excuse“ mail ballot.

How do I apply for a mail ballot?

Mail ballot applications are generally available at least two months before regularly scheduled elections. Your completed application must be received by your local board of canvassers at least 21 days before the election. Your completed mail ballot must be received by the state Board of Elections by 8 p.m. the day of the election.

If you are permanently disabled, you may arrange to have mail ballot applications (not the actual ballots) mailed to you automatically.

What if I have an emergency after the mail ballot deadline and I can't vote in person?

If emergency circumstances arise after the regular mail ballot application deadline, you can apply for an emergency mail ballot at your local board of canvassers until 4 p.m. on the day before the election. Your emergency mail ballot must be received by the state Board of Elections by 8 p.m. the day of the election.

How do I complete a mail ballot?

You should start by reviewing your ballot and all enclosures. Follow all the instructions for voting your ballot that are enclosed. After completing your ballot, insert it into the small envelope and seal it. Fill in the information on the outside of the envelope as required. Then sign the envelope. Unless you are a Military or Overseas voter, two individuals or a notary must witness your signature. Place the sealed envelope containing your ballot into the large envelope that is addressed to the state Board of Elections. The state Board of Elections must receive your mail ballot by 8 p.m. on the day of the election.

What if I do not receive my mail ballot or if I make a mistake or the ballot is damaged?

Request a replacement mail ballot by contacting us at 401-222-2340 or elections@sos.ri.gov

Am I able to receive assistance casting my mail ballot?

The law does permit you to get help completing your ballot from a bi-partisan pair of supervisors. Contact your local board of canvassers for more information.