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State Rules and Regulations

The Department of State maintains all proposed and final rules and regulations filed by state agencies, boards and commissions and provides online access to all final rules and regulations filed since 2002. To obtain certified copies of rules and regulations filed by a state agency, board or commission, please contact us at (401) 222-2473.

APA Codification Process

Rhode Island is reorganizing all Executive Branch regulations into the Rhode Island Code of Regulations (RICR), a uniform state code. The RICR will be available on our website and supported by an updated web portal in 2018. Agencies must codify all existing regulations into the RICR by 12/31/2018.

Editorial Note: The Department of State is responsible for codifying the rules of Rhode Island’s various state agencies into the RICR. During codification of the RICR and with notice to the various state agencies, we may make non-substantive corrections to spelling, grammar, and formatting (including assigned numbering and the provision of headings) to facilitate usage of the RICR.

Please note that our alterations, if any, are not intended to modify the substantive meaning or impact of any regulation.