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Renew Your Notary Public Commission

All renewal applicants must provide the following information:

  • Your commission ID number. The ID number can be found by looking up your name in the Notary Look-Up.
  • Your full legal name.
  • Your current address.
  • Choose one type only. If applying as:
    • Non-Resident:  provide your occupation, name of employer and business address in the State of Rhode Island.
    • Attorney:  provide your Bar Number and a copy of your most recent membership card to the RI Bar Association NOT your Judicial Identification Card.
    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA): provide your Certificate# and a copy of your most recent membership card issued by the RI Board of Accountancy.
  • Sign the application using the signature you will affix to documents as a Rhode Island Notary Public. Type or Print your name as it will appear on your notary commission. (This name should match the signature you will affix to documents as a Rhode Island Notary Public.) For example, your legal name listed in Section 2 of the renewal application may be different from the name you use when signing as a Notary Public (i.e. legal name: John Franklin Doe but you sign documents as John F. Doe or legal name Jane White Doe but you sign documents as Jane Doe). 
  • OATH of OFFICE: You must appear before a Rhode Island Notary Public to take the Oath of Office. The Notary will administer your oath of office and then complete the certificate. A completed Oath of Office Certificate must accompany your application.

Notaries in Rhode Island serve four year terms and are authorized to take acknowledgements; administer oaths and affirmations; execute jurats; witness signatures; certify copies; execute protests; and issue subpoenas to witnesses.

Although no training is required in Rhode Island, notaries are encouraged to take advantage of the education and training opportunities offered by most Notary Societies.  The Notary Standards of Conduct and our frequently asked questions provide the rules and standard operating procedures for all Rhode Island notaries.

The new interactive Notary Public Reappointment/Renewal form is now available:

  • Download and complete the Reappointment Notary Form.
  • The fee is $80 for a four-year commission.
  • Mail or bring the application and check, made payable to the Department of State, to our office at 148 W. River St., Providence, RI 02904.

Any questions should be directed to the Business Services Division at 401-222-3040 or