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Notary Public

A Notary Public is an official of integrity commissioned to a four-year term by the Governor to serve the public as an impartial witness to the identity, comprehension, and intent of a person requesting a notarial act.

Existing Notaries

Renew your commission, name and address updates, and ending your commission.

Maintaining your commission

Become a Notary

Requirements, powers and duties, forms, notary supplies and tutorials that can help you.

Apply for a notary commission

Justice of the Peace

Requirements, powers and duties, forms, notary supplies and tutorials that can help you.

Become a justice of the peace

Notary services

Notary Public and Justice of the Peace status lookup

This search tool is used to verify that a Notary Public and/or Justice of the Peace has an active commission of record and to look up a Notary or Justice of the Peace’s ID number. The results may not reflect a Notary and/or Justice of the Peace’s complete history.

Download the Notary Public manual

Designed for new and seasoned notaries public, the manual provides detailed information on how to become a notary, properly perform notarial acts and more. A must read for every RI Notary Public.

Download Notary toolkit

The Notary Public Toolkit is a quick reference “How To” guide for RI Notaries Public.

View our Notary tutorials

Learn from our videos: Steps to a Proper Notarization, How to Perform a Copy Certification, and How to Become a Notary Public.

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Finding a Notary

A Notary Public may be found at your local bank, library or by conducting an online search entering your town or zip code and the words “Notary Public.”

Getting a document notarized

If you are a member of the public who needs to have a document notarized, there are several steps you need to take so that the notary can legally perform the requested notarial act.

Filing a Notary complaint

Any identifiable person may file a complaint against a Notary Public who is alleged to have violated the Rhode Island Notary Public Standards of Conduct or RI General Law.