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Accessible voting

Rhode Island has several procedures in place to make it easier for voters who are blind, elderly or disabled to cast ballots.

Assistance at the polling place

Voters who are blind, disabled or unable to read or write may be given assistance at the polling place as long as the person assisting is not:

  • The voter's employer, or agent of the voter's employer, or
  • An officer or agent of the voter's union

If the voter does not have anyone to assist them, a bipartisan pair of poll workers can help.

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Polling place accessibility

State law mandates that polling places should be accessible. If your assigned polling place is not accessible, your local board of canvassers must provide an alternative means for you to cast your ballot on Election Day. Contact your local board of canvassers.

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Accessible voting machines

Every polling place in Rhode Island is equipped with an accessible voting machine. This machine provides autonomy to voters who are blind, visually impaired, or has a disability or condition that makes it difficult to traditionally mark a ballot. The accessible voting machine can be used by any voter in Rhode Island.

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Applying for a mail ballot

Voters that are permanently disabled or incapacitated can submit a Certification of Permanently Disabled or Incapacitated Voter for Automatic Application For Mail Ballot from their local board of canvassers to receive a mail ballot application for each election in their jurisdiction.
Please note that this form only means that local boards of canvassers will send a mail ballot application to you. You must still complete the application and return it to the local board of canvassers to receive a mail ballot.

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Braille and tactile mail ballots

Any voter who is blind or visually impaired is eligible to request a Braille or tactile mail ballot. A voter must do so 45 days before an election. Voters can request a Braille or tactile ballot from their local board of canvassers.

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