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Elections 2016 Information

The general election is Tuesday, November 8. Below are guides and links to information for you to be a voter on Election Day.

Missed the Registration Deadline?

You can still vote for president/vice president only if you missed the voter registration deadline. Contact your local board of canvassers

State Referenda Guide

2016 Voter Information Handbook
A guide to State Referenda and voting procedures in Rhode Island

2016 Manual Informativo para Votantes
Guía sobre los referendos estatales y el proceso para votar en Rhode Island

General Election - November 8, 2016

Description of event Deadline Forms
Deadline to apply for a Braille or tactile ballot This deadline has passed  
Last day to register to vote This deadline has passed  
Last day to apply for a mail ballot This deadline has passed  
Emergency ballot period This deadline has passed