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Most frequent reasons for rejection

+ Business filings
All Entities:
The name that you have choosen is not available. Please refer to our Entity Name Availability Guidelines and then query our Corporate Database prior to filing.

Business Corporations:
  • You’re name indicates that you are a professional service corporation. Form 112, along with evidence of liability insurance must be submitted. If engaged in the practice of either Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture or Land Surveying a pre-approval letter from the applicable State Board must also accompany your Articles of Incorporation.
Non-profit Corporations:
  • You did not list the names and addresses of all of the directors. There shall be a minimum of three directors as required by statute.
  • All of the incorporators did not sign the document.
Limited Liability Companies:
  • You elected to be managed by your members but you have listed the name(s) of a manager(s) on the Articles of Organization. The names of members are not listed on the form.
+ Uniform Commercial Code
  • You filed a UCC – 1 and have not completed the information for the debtor or secured party.
  • You filed a UCC – 3 and are using the wrong file number.
  • You filed a UCC –3 and tried to complete more than one action per filing.
  • You filed a UCC – 3 and the filing has already lapsed.
+ Trademark/Service Mark
  • You filed a trademark/service mark and did not include an example of the mark.