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Filing Fees

UCC-1, UCC-3, UCC-5:
$16.00 1 or 2 pages
$32.00 more than 2 pages

$8.00 flat fee

UCC-11 Information Request: $5.00
Certification of Records: $5.00 plus $.15 per page
Copies of UCC Records: $.15 per page

Filing Info

Search Logic (RA9)

Effective July 1, 2001, Rhode Island implemented Revised Article 9 (RA9) of the Uniform Commercial Code. Rhode Island’s UCC Public Search Index allows its users to search using both Standard Search Logic and Non-Standard Search Logic. A search under the correct name of the debtor using Standard Search Logic includes all financing statements that may be effective under Revised Article 9. However, Standard Search Logic may not reflect certain financing statements filed under prior law, which may be in effect, but include a variation of the debtor’s name. Use of different search criteria (e.g., searching under variations of the debtor name) and/or use of Non-Standard Search Logic may be utilized to discover financing statements that specify a variation of the name of the debtor filed before July 1, 2001. All Information Requests completed by the Secretary of State’s UCC office are performed using the Standard Search Logic.

To view debtor names in the Pubic Search Index using the Standard Search Logic, select "Rev. Article 9" from the drop down box in the search criteria section on the right hand side of the page. To view debtor names in the Public Search index using the Non-Standard Search Logic, select “begins with” from the drop down box in the extra search criteria section on the right hand side of the page.

A person may request from the Secretary of State a search of the UCC records to determine whether there are any active financing statements naming a particular debtor. However, it is the responsibility of the searcher, not the Secretary of State, to determine whether a particular financing statement naming a particular debtor is presently effective.