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Non-resident Landlord Registration

State law requires landlords who are not residents of Rhode Island to register a local agent with us. The agent's role is to accept any process, notice, or demand required or permitted by law to be served, including notices of minimum housing code violations.

The agent must be a resident of this state, a for-profit corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, non-profit corporation or an attorney qualified to conduct business in this state. Agents must have a Rhode Island street address where they are generally available during normal business hours to accept service of process and perform the functions of a registered agent. Non-resident landlords must re-file whenever there is a change of registered agent or in the registered office of record. The agent must also be registered with the city or town where the property is located.

There is no fee to file with us; however, municipalities may charge a recording fee due at the time of filing. When out-of-state landlords dispose of a property, they can file a statement with us canceling their registration. There is no fee to record a statement of cancellation. You can file on-line or by printing an application and mailing it to us.