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Coastal Resources Management Council

Maximum Members: 16

Authority: 46-23-2

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Ballou, Robert as designee for Commissioner of the Environmental Protection Branch within the Department of the Environment Statutory
Lemont, Paul E. Rep. of Costal Community over 25,000 (Vice Chair) 05/09/2012 01/31/2016 Governor Chafee
Montanaro, Joy E. Public Member 06/05/2013 01/31/2016 Governor Chafee
Gomez, Donald T. Rep. Coastal Community Under 25,000 05/05/2014 01/31/2017 Governor Chafee
Beaudette, Paul Public Member 02/26/2014 01/31/2017 Governor Chafee
Maxwell Livingston, Anne Chairperson 02/27/2014 01/31/2017 Governor Chafee
Affigne M.P.A., A.M., Ph.D., Tony 03/05/2014 01/31/2017 Governor Chafee
Reynolds, Patricia Grace Representing a Coastal Municipality of 25,000 01/31/2020 Governor Raimondo with Advice & Consent of the Senate
Sahagian, Jerry A. Public member representing a coastal community 03/06/2017 01/31/2020 Governor Raimondo with Advice & Consent of the Senate
Coia Esq., Raymond C. Municipality Over 25,000 04/14/2017 01/31/2020 Governor Raimondo
Hudner, Michael 03/08/2017 01/31/2020 Governor Raimondo

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