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Our database includes the members of every board and commission's board of directors, the term of their appointment and who made the appointment. For those with a yen for public service, our database can also be used to identify opportunities to serve on a state board or commission.

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Interagency Coordinating Council

Maximum Members: 16

Authority: 23-13-23

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Whelan, Maureen Rep. Personnel Preparation 06/24/2013 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Ferrara, Casey Provider Rep. 01/30/2014 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Magaw, Darlene Briggs Provider Rep. 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Townsend, Tara Parent Rep. 07/16/2013 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Branch, Christine Head Start Rep. 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Hebert, Jeanne Family Representative 07/02/2013 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Rivera, Sandra Family Representative 07/16/2013 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Bucka, Nicole Family Rep. 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Carcilliere, Michael Family Rep. 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Stone-Tatro, Jane B. Family Rep. 11/30/2011 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Hazard, Carol Early Intervention Provider 07/22/2013 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Baum-Gupta, MD, Carol 01/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Fournier, Mary Vice Chair; Provider Rep. 07/26/2013 01/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Gotovich, Nicole Family Representative 01/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Simpson, Michele Representing Special Education 09/24/2009 01/01/2012 Governor Carcieri
Williams, Charles E. Rep. Dept. of Mental Health, Retardation & Hospit 02/07/2008 01/01/2012 Governor Carcieri
Gallucci, Ruth Rep. Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education 06/24/2013 01/01/2012 Governor Chafee
Olsen, Herb Rep. Health Insurance Division, DBR Governor Chafee
Vacant Governor's Policy Office Governor
DuHamel, Brenda Department of Human Services Rep. 07/18/2013 Governor Chafee
Garneau, Deborah Department of Health Rep. Governor Chafee
Almeida, Brenda Children's Behavioral Health - DCYF 06/20/2013 Governor Chafee
Masland, Deborah Chair; Family Representative 06/17/2013 Governor Chafee
Naughton, The Honorable Eileen 06/24/2013 Governor Chafee

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