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Insurance Council, Governor's

Maximum Members: 29

Authority: Ex. Order 02-06

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Santacroce, Matthew Represenative of the Governor's Office Governor Raimondo
Baldini, Donald Governor Carcieri
Director Department of Business Regulation Statutory
Director Department of Labor and Training Statutory
Farrell Esq., William A. Governor Carcieri
Governor's Policy Director Statutory
Hyman, Thomas S. Governor Raimondo
Lynch Esq., Michael Governor Carcieri
Secretary of Commerce Statutory
Shaghalian Jr.,CPCU,AAI, Ernest Governor Raimondo
Spero, Brian J. Governor Almond
Matrullo LUTCF, Jonathan P. 05/03/2018 Governor Raimondo
Octeau, Patricia A. 05/08/2018 Governor Raimondo
Pellegrino Esq., David J. 05/08/2018 Governor Raimondo
Doyle, Francis X. 05/09/2018 Governor Raimondo
Paolino, Catherine I. 05/11/2018 Governor Raimondo
Kalander Jr., W. Robert 06/05/1995 Governor Almond
Partridge Esq., John J. 06/12/1995 Governor Almond
Alan, Larry 06/16/1995 Governor Almond
Bryant, Daniel 06/25/2008 Governor Carcieri
Slocum, Robert G. 07/19/2002 Governor Almond
McCann, Michael F. 08/08/2002 Governor Almond
Tickner, John C. 08/15/2002 Governor Almond
Male, Mark A. 10/29/2009 Governor Carcieri
O'Brien, Francis C. 11/01/1999 Governor Almond
Zubiago, Esq. Stephen D. 11/02/2009 Governor Carcieri
Parrillo, Sandra G. 11/06/2002 Governor Almond
Martin Esquire, Genevieve as designee for Attorney General 11/26/2007 Statutory
Martiesian Esq., Terrance 11/27/2007 Governor Carcieri
Damiano CPCU, Paul J. 11/27/2015 Governor Raimondo
Diubaldo, Robert 11/30/2007 Governor Carcieri
Elderkin CPA, Lynne 11/30/2015 Governor Raimondo
Suglia Esquire, Robert Secretary 12/02/2015 Governor Raimondo
Magratten Esq., Brooks R. 12/03/2015 Governor Raimondo
Casillo, Anne 12/05/2007 Governor Carcieri
Hanaway, Cristie A. Chairperson 12/07/2015 Governor Raimondo
Brown, Douglas Vice Chairperson 12/08/2015 Governor Raimondo
Dupont, Eric 12/10/2009 Governor Carcieri

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