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Behavioral Health and Firearms Safety Task Force

Maximum Members: 20

Authority: 2013-R-401

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Attorney General Statutory
Director Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals Statutory
Director Department of Environmental Management Statutory
Executive Director of the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Association Statutory
Mental Health Advocate Statutory
President of the Rhode Island Police Chief's Association | Statutory
State Court Administrator Statutory
Chippendale, Rep. Michael Speaker of the House Fox
Coderre, Rep. Elaine A. Speaker of the House Fox
Grasso, Nick Speaker of the House Fox
Ruggiero, Representative Deborah Speaker of the House Fox
Syata, Craig RI Council of Community Mental Health Organization President of the Senate Paiva Weed
Saccoccio Esq, Frank Federated Sportsmens Club Of RI Public member President of the Senate Paiva Weed
Cool Rumsey, Senator Catherine President of the Senate Paiva Weed
Lombardi, Senator Frank S President of the Senate Paiva Weed
Ottiano, Senator Christopher President of the Senate Paiva Weed
Braxton, Orlando Federated RI Sportsmen's Club, Public Member 10/15/2013 Governor Chafee
Christopher M.D., Paul P 10/03/2013 Governor Chafee
Kyle, Carolyn 10/03/2013 Governor Chafee

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