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Intergovernmental Relations Council

Maximum Members: 24

Authority: 42-131-2

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Speaker of the House Statutory
Senate Majority Leader Statutory
President of the Senate Statutory
President of the Providence City Council Statutory
Phillips, Anthony Vice Chairperson 05/18/2001 11/30/2003 Governor Almond
O'Brien, John 02/16/2001 11/30/2003 Governor Almond
Minority Leader of the Senate Statutory
Minority Leader of the House Statutory
Mayor of Providence Statutory
Majoriy Leader of the House Statutory
Lieutenant Governor Statutory
Gofton, Jeff A. Rep. From the Office of Municipal Affairs 05/29/2001 11/30/2003 Governor Almond
Executive Director of the Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns Statutory
Executive Director of the League of Cities and Towns Statutory
Chief of the office of Municipal Affairs in the Department of Administration Statutory
Chairperson Senate Committee on Finance Statutory
Chairperson of the House Committee. on Finance Statutory

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