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Developmental Disabilities Council, Rhode Island

Maximum Members:

Authority: 40.1-1-9

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Beaudoin, Wilfred 01/12/2016 09/30/2018 Governor Raimondo
Curran, Theaese 01/09/2017 09/30/2019 Governor Raimondo
DeJesus, Victor 09/30/2019 Governor Raimondo
Donovan, Sue 09/30/2019 Governor Raimondo
DuPont, Lina 09/30/2018 Governor Raimondo
Harvey, Dennis 01/12/2016 09/30/2018 Governor Raimondo
Johnson, Myles 09/30/2019 Governor Raimondo
Killian, Robert 09/30/2019 Governor Raimondo
Showstead, Heidi 09/30/2019 Governor Raimondo
Susa, Dr. John B. 01/18/2007 09/30/2006 Governor Carcieri
Williams, Iraida 03/03/2011 09/30/2016 Governor Chafee
Mercurio, Arthur Non-Governmental Agency 09/30/2020 Governor Raimondo
Beaton, Rebecca Primary Consumer 09/30/2020 Governor Raimondo
Matracia, Michael Primary Consumer 09/30/2017 Governor Raimondo
Porcelli, Steve Primary Consumer 09/30/2020 Governor Raimondo
Titon, Emily Primary Consumer 09/30/2020 Governor Raimondo
Bandusky, Raymond RI Disability Law Center 03/02/2005 09/30/2009 Statutory
Genco, Mary Secondary Consumer 09/30/2020 Governor Raimondo
Martin, Celest Secondary Consumer 09/30/2020 Governor Raimondo

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