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Narragansett Bay Commission

Maximum Members: 19

Authority: 46-25-6

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Mesolella, Hon. Vincent 08/22/2016 04/01/2019 Central Falls Mayor Diossa
MacQueen, John 10/22/2015 04/01/2018 Cumberland Mayor Murray
Lemont, Paul E. 08/04/2014 04/01/2017 East Providence Mayor Briden
Bennett, James S. 09/18/2014 04/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Burroughs, Richard H. 04/23/2013 04/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Campbell, Bruce D. 11/22/2013 04/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Carlino, Mario 06/18/2014 04/01/2016 Governor Chafee
Kimball, Joseph 04/08/2013 04/01/2017 Governor Chafee
Nathan, Alan 03/20/2013 04/01/2017 Governor Chafee
Worrell, Richard D. 06/11/2014 04/01/2017 Governor Chafee
DeRoche, Michelle 05/13/2015 04/01/2018 Governor Raimondo with Advice & Consent of the Senate
Farnum Esq., Jonathan K. 05/11/2015 04/01/2018 Governor Raimondo with Advice & Consent of the Senate
Handy, Seth H. 05/08/2015 04/01/2018 Governor Raimondo with Advice & Consent of the Senate
DiChiro, Michael 08/04/2014 04/01/2017 Johnston Mayor Polisena
Milas, Joan P. 10/22/2015 04/01/2018 Lincoln Town Administrator Almond
Leone, Ronald 01/27/2010 04/01/2012 North Providence Mayor Lombardi
Andrade, Robert 08/04/2014 04/01/2017 Pawtucket Mayor Grebien
Montanari, Alessandro 08/22/2016 01/31/2019 Providence Mayor Elorza
Rotella, Angelo 08/22/2016 04/30/2019 Providence Mayor Elorza

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