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Our database includes the members of every board and commission's board of directors, the term of their appointment and who made the appointment. For those with a yen for public service, our database can also be used to identify opportunities to serve on a state board or commission.

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Disabilities, Governor's Commission on

Maximum Members: 18

Authority: 42-51-2

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Ferreira, Joseph Representative of the General Treasurer's Office General Treasurer Caprio
Connor, Regina 10/25/2005 05/01/2010 Governor Carcieri
Plitt, Arthur M. 08/05/2010 05/01/2010 Governor Carcieri
Butler, Christopher A. 05/23/2011 05/01/2011 Governor Chafee
Argenbright, Andrew 05/17/2011 05/01/2013 Governor Chafee
Behie, Jeannie 12/07/2010 05/01/2013 Governor Carcieri
Brinkworth, Sharon K. 08/23/2010 05/01/2013 Governor Carcieri
Carmody, Rosemary 12/06/2010 05/01/2013 Governor Carcieri
Gamache, Marylouise 05/01/2013 Governor Chafee
McMinn, Ronald C. 07/28/2010 05/01/2013 Governor Carcieri
Cirillo, Joseph A. 05/20/2011 05/01/2014 Governor Chafee
Drew, Judith L. 11/03/2005 05/01/2014 Governor Chafee
McCarthy-Barnett, Kate 06/19/2008 05/01/2014 Governor Chafee
Pitassi, James 05/18/2011 05/01/2014 Governor Chafee
Ryherd, Patricia 05/26/2011 05/01/2014 Governor Chafee
Stabile, Angelina 05/24/2011 05/01/2014 Governor Chafee
Ward, Linda N. 05/19/2011 05/01/2014 Governor Chafee
Flynn, R. Timothy Chair 05/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Burke, Frederick 05/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Dupre, Jonathan C. 05/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Everhart Skeels, Sarah 05/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Gartland, Casey 05/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Inlow, William R. 11/12/2009 05/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Sabourin, Rev. Gerald O. 02/18/2013 05/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Wardyga, Dawn 01/02/2013 05/01/2015 Governor Chafee
Witman, Dr. Gary 12/18/2012 05/01/2015 Governor Chafee