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Corrections Reform and Prisoner Reentry, Governor's Steering Committee on

Maximum Members: 15

Authority: Ex. Order 2004-03

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Sepe, Thomas President of the Community College of Rhode Island 03/30/2004 Governor Carcieri
Smith, Chief J. David Pres., RI Police Chiefs Association 03/22/2004 Governor Carcieri
Cicilline, Hon. David N. Mayor of the City of Providence 03/26/2004 Governor Carcieri
Moscola, Alfred Interim Gen. Manager, RI Public Transit Authority 03/23/2004 Governor Carcieri
Perry, Marvin Interim Dir., Dept. of Labor and Training 03/16/2004 Governor Carcieri
Hayward, Jane A. Interim Dir. of Mental Health Retardation & Hospit 03/26/2004 Governor Carcieri
Godfrey, Richard Exec. Dir., RI Housing and Mortgage Finance Corp. 03/22/2004 Governor Carcieri
Wall II, Ashbel T. Director, Dept. of Corrections 03/26/2004 Governor Carcieri
Nolan M.D., MPH, Patricia Dir., Dept. of Health 03/23/2004 Governor Carcieri
Lindgren Jr., Jay G. Dir., Dept. of Children, Youth and Families 03/17/2004 Governor Carcieri
Hayward, Jane A. Dir. of Human Services 03/26/2004 Governor Carcieri
McWalters, Peter Commissioner of the Bd. of Regents for Elementary Governor Carcieri
Warner, Jack R. Comm. of the RI Board of Governors for Higher Ed. 03/23/2004 Governor Carcieri
Esserman, Dean Chief, Providence Police Dept. 03/30/2004 Governor Carcieri
Costa, Timothy Chairman 10/23/2007 Governor Carcieri
Holley Esq., Lisa S. Chair, Rhode Island Parole Board 03/17/2004 Governor Carcieri

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