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Lyme Disease and Other Tick Borne Infections, Governor's Commission on

Maximum Members: 18

Authority: Ex. Order 2001-09

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Lebrun, Dr. Roger University of RI Faculty Member 02/25/2002 Governor Almond
Mather, Dr. Thomas University of RI Faculty Member 02/13/2002 Governor Almond
Tikoian, Michael M. Rep. Of Coastal Resources Mgmt. Council 02/06/2002 Governor Almond
Turley, Hazel Rep. From Environmental Advocacy Org 02/06/2002 Governor Almond
Schisler, Lee Rep. From Environmental Advocacy Org. 02/12/2002 Governor Almond
Soloman, Dr. Debra Practicing Physician 02/13/2002 Governor Almond
Toder, Dr. J. Scott Practicing Physician 02/14/2002 Governor Almond
Brassard, Dr. Peter Municipality Rep. 02/12/2002 Governor Almond
Goodman, Dr. Tobias Municipality Rep 02/07/2002 Governor Almond
Hanson, Dr. R. Scott Member w/ Expertise in Epidemiology 02/25/2002 Governor Almond
Ginsberg, Dr. Howard Member w/ Experience in Epidemiology 02/25/2002 Governor Almond
Sosnowski, Sen. V. Susan Member of the Senate 02/13/2002 Governor Almond
Ginaitt, Rep. Peter T. Member of the House Governor Almond
Clough, Dr. Wendy Medical School Faculty Member 02/12/2002 Governor Almond
Rizzuto, Dr. Phil Medical School Facility Member 02/19/2002 Governor Almond
Nolan M.D., MPH, Patricia Director, Department of Health 02/06/2001 Governor Almond
Reitsma, Jan Director, DEM 02/12/2002 Governor Almond
Chief of Staff, office of Governor Statutory
Director Department of Environmental Management Statutory
Director Department of Health Statutory
Larisa Jr., Joseph S. Governor Almond

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