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Health, Governor's Council on

Maximum Members: 10

Authority: Ex. Order 1997-09

Name Post Engagement Expires Appointed By
Bandola M.D., J. Jefferys 09/24/1997 Governor Almond
Baron, Steven 10/29/1997 Governor Almond
Bliss, Rev. Franklin Paul 09/24/1997 Governor Almond
Boffi Jr., Dante E. as designee for Director Department of Administration Director Department of Administration Carl, Jr.
Burke-Bryant, Elizabeth Governor Almond
Colby, Arthur R. Chairperson of the Governor's Commission on Disability Doreen McConaghy
Colt, Barbara B. 12/02/1997 Governor Almond
Director Department of Administration Statutory
Director Department of Business Regulation Statutory
Director Department of Children, Youth and Families Statutory
Director Department of Elderly Affairs Statutory
Director Department of Health Statutory
Director Department of Human Services Statutory
Director Department of Mental Health, Retardation, and Hospitals Statutory
Earls, Elizabeth V. 09/22/1997 Governor Almond
Edmonds-Paull, Nancy 09/24/1997 Governor Almond
Emard, Esther 09/26/1997 Governor Almond
Executive Director of the Economic Development Corporation Statutory
Follick Ph.D., Michael 09/26/1997 Governor Almond
Gomes-McGillivray, Celia 03/21/1999 Governor Almond
Governor Statutory
Hynes Esq., John J. 10/15/1997 Governor Almond
Keeler, Brian Statutory
Kermes, Kenneth N. 09/29/1997 Governor Almond
Lieutenant Governor Statutory
Lynch, Michael D. 12/13/2000 Governor Almond
Malloy RN, Patricia 11/27/2001 Governor Almond
Marsh M.D., Donald J. Governor Almond
Martinez, Marta V. 10/17/1997 Governor Almond
Mattiello, Dorothy M. 12/27/2000 Governor Almond
Maynard-Rogers, Dorothy D. 09/25/1997 Governor Almond
McIntosh, Douglas J. 09/26/1997 Governor Almond
Migliori M.D., Richard J. 10/31/1997 Governor Almond
Mor Ph.D., Vincent 10/09/1997 Governor Almond
Quinlan, Edward J. 10/06/1997 Governor Almond
Rayner MSW, CISW, Barbara A. 10/16/1997 Governor Almond
Santos, Alfred 09/25/1997 Governor Almond
Scott, Dr. H. Denman Governor Almond
Talin, Patricia A. 12/13/2000 Governor Almond
Vaughan, Rev. Sammy 09/29/1997 Governor Almond
White, Robert E. 05/08/2000 Governor Almond

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