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The chief executive power of this state is vested in the Governor.  The Governor has the constitutional responsibility and authority to ensure that the laws of RI are faithfully executed.  As chief executive, the Governor is responsible for public health, environmental management, human services, business regulation, workforce development and training, transportation, homeland security, emergency management, and law enforcement.  The Governor also serves as captain general and commander in chief of the military and naval forces of Rhode Island.  The Rhode Island Constitution authorizes and requires the Governor to prepare and present to the General Assembly an annual consolidated operating and capital improvement state budget.  The Governor also has broad constitutional appointment power for judges, state officers and members of executive boards and commission.  He can exercise legislative veto and general pardon authority.  The Governor also serves as Chair of the Board of the Economic Development Corporation.
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02 02.01 02.01.01 Correspondence
02 02.01 02.01.02 Legislative Addresses
02 02.01 02.01.03 Proclamations
02 02.01 02.01.04 Executive Orders
02 02.01 02.01.05 Vetoed Legislation
02 02.01 02.01.06 Warrants
02 02.01 02.01.07 Extraditions
02 02.01 02.01.08 State Budgets
02 02.01 02.01.09 Governor's Photographs
02 02.01 02.01.10 Governor's Reports
02 02.01 02.01.11 Governor's Messages

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