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The 1933 Convention was held for the limited purpose to address proposal of amendment to the United States Constitution repealing the 18th Amendment (Prohibition).  Amendment unanimously approved in convention, May 8, 1933.  Series consists of two signed copies of published convention proceedings (30 pp.) and one signed resolution of that body to the Rhode Island Legislature:  C#00589.  Proposal of amendment to the United States Constitution repealing prohibition was made at the 2nd session of 72nd Congress, Feb. 20, 1933 and ratified as the 21st Amendment.  The 18th amendment prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States (excluding its use for medicinal or religious purposes) was ratified January 16, 1919 with enforcement under the provisions of the Volstead Act taking effect the following year on January 17, 1920.  The amendment set a time limit for states to ratify with only Rhode Island & Connecticut failing to do so. With action necessary relative to its repeal a convention was authorized under provisions of chapter 2014 of the public laws of 1933.  This was the first time in the history of the state that a convention was convened for the purpose of amending the United States Constitution.  Under provisions of the act the Rhode Island convention was called to order by Governor Theodore Francis Green under on May 8, 1933 with Russell H. Handy being chosen as president & Louis W. Cappelli as secretary.  The delegation constituted thirty one members; twenty-five men & six women chosen at election held May 1, 1933.

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