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Records Relating to Land and Public Notary Records | State Archives Catalog

Record of early deeds & land grants, conveyances or confirmation of titles between natives & colonists or among individual parties including some indentures, powers of attorney, wills & probate or other matters pertinent.  First three volumes (1642 – 1721) appear to be a continuation of land evidences as recorded within the initial volumes of Series RG1 – 1.2, Rhode Island Colony Records, 1646 – 1669, (see recording mandates, Part I, pp. 161; Part II, p. 225).  Volumes 4 through 8 primarily consist of public notary documents as relating to maritime activities including ship protests, bonds & commissions granted, prize shares, bills of exchange or lading, testimony, copies of orders & receipts, bankruptcies, etc. C#00481

Lands -  transfers, recording requirements defined: C#0204 – Rhode Island Colony Records, Vols. 1, p. 161, Vol. II, pp. 225, 234 General Court of Election at Newport, 13th of the first month, 1644  "... all such Lands as were granted to any, they should be recorded in the State Book, which shall be their Evidence to Perpetuity…” Acts & Orders made at General Court of Election held at Portsmouth, May 19 - 21, 1647 "...no Lands, Tenements, or other Hereditaments, shall pass, alter or change from one to another... except the same bargaine and sale be made by writing, indented, sealed and enrolled in a Meeting of the Town, where such Lands, or Tenements soe bargained and sold...Town clerk being for that time, shall sufficiently enroll and engross the same deed and writing indented as aforesaid, and a Coppie of the Rolls thereof, he shall at the end of the year deliver to the General Recorder for the Colony, there to remaine in his custody among other Records of the same Town…” “Generall Recorder’s Office shall be in the generall, to keep a Coppie of all the Records or Acts of the Generall Assemblie, Generall and particular Courts of Judicature, Rolles of the Freeman of the Colonie, Records, Evidence, Sales and Bargains of Land…” Lands – form of recordings defined – General Court of Commissioners for the Collony held at Warwicke, May 22, 1662

Dates: 1642 - 1784

Extent: 8 volumes; 2.60 cubic feet

Types of Materials: hand written manuscripts / 4 microfilm reels / partial abstract

Finding Aids: 3 x 5 card file index; printed abstract to volume 1, RI Historical Society Publication, Providence, 1921, 246 pp. w/ index

Related Sources:

Land Evidence Records, Office of the General Treasurer, 1700 – 1895, 40 folders / individual recordings, 1997-137

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C#0204 - Rhode Island Colony Records

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C#0185 - Maritime Papers, Letters of Marque, 1776 – 1780, 1 volume

C#0186 - Maritime Papers, Outward & Inward Entries, 1776 – 1786, 1 volume

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C#0188 - Maritime Papers, Manifests, Import Cargoes, 1744 – 1745 / 1775 – 1786, 5 volumes

C#0189 - Maritime Papers, Bonds, Masters of Vessels, 1756 – 1785, 11 volumes

Records filed under "Land and Public Notary Records"

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