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The Board of Supply and Control was established in 1912 (Public Law 1912, ch. 825) specifically to exercise control over purchases and contracts for repairs, and alterations for construction, supplies and materials for all buildings of the State Institutions.  It also had  "control" of the State Home and School.  However, this arrangement highlighted the perennial tension between paying for the delivery of social services out of the public purse and the desire for economical government. As Governor R. Livingston Beekman described it in his third annual message to the General Assembly on January 2, 1917, a commission (the State Public Welfare Commission) to investigate the various public welfare programs in the state had found that the missions of the State Board of Charities and Corrections and of the Board of Supply and Control overlapped. There seemed to be a "conflict in authority" and a difficulty in discerning wherein the functions of one, in many respects, does interfere with the duties of the other... It seems to me entirely feasible to organize a system wherein the functions of both of these boards can be performed by one Commission..." " (Journal of the House of Representatives, January 2, 1917.) For some contemporary commentators , the latter board's hiring out of  prison labor to private industry was a violation of the anti-slavery clause of the state constitution.) Horseless Age: The Automobile Trade Magazine, Volume 34, Dec. 2, 1914.

To solve this problem the government replaced the two boards with a single body, the Penal and Charitable Commission, which was empowered to name a "purchasing agent" and a "disbursing agent. " (Public Law, 1917, ch. 1470, sec. 7 and 8.) The Commission was renamed the State Public Welfare Commission in 1923.

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