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This sub-group group brings together records created by various commissions, legislative committees, interstate groups and other bodies formed to address outstanding boundary issues between Rhode Island and Massachusetts from the colonial era to the twentieth century.

Writing in 1974, one author declared  that the boundary between Rhode Island and Massachusetts "was in some respects the most remarkable boundary question with which the country has had to deal." (Franklin van Zandt, Boundaries of the United States and Several States.(Washington: Department of the Interior, 1975: 66) Agreements established by committees in 1711 and 1718 were disputed. The dispute, which lasted some two hundred years, went to the Supreme Court twice (1832-1846 and 1860-1861). Both states filed bills of equity  with the Supreme Court in 1852, and after more surveying and negotiation, a decree was issued on December 16, 1861 and a Supreme Court ruling became effective on March 1, 1862.  At times, Rhode Island tried to run lines but could get no agreement on its  work from Massachusetts. The disagreement covered the entire area from the Atlantic Ocean to Connecticut.

The conflict initially arose partly from the fact that Rhode Island succeeded in getting a royal charter defining its boundaries from King Charles II in 1663, and Massachusetts could not get its suspended colonial charter revived until 1691. In addition, vaguely worded agreements with Native American tribes, inadequate geodetic methodologies of the time, the shifting landscape and displaced markings and monuments over time, the boundaries between Rhode Island and its neighbor states may have been a source of contention, investigation, and negotiation from the eighteenth to well into the twentieth century.

Records filed under "Rhode Island-Massachusetts Boundary"

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